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jerry's new beginning

Fifty-two year old Jerry Forester* was elated as he stepped off the scales. One hundred pounds were gone. He could hardly contain his delight.

Where he was before
He thought back to just one year ago. His weight had been ranging between two hundred eighty-five and three hundred pounds. He was taking as many as three shots of insulin plus three other medications each day to control his diabetes and high blood pressure. He was experiencing panic attacks, chronic insomnia, and just walking was extremely difficult. His job suffered as his performance decreased, and he dreaded the thought of losing his livelihood. The future seemed uncertain, and he feared for his life. He knew he needed help, but what could he do?

Giving lifestyle training a try
Over the years Jerry had tried many approaches to remedy his condition, only to be sorely disappointed. Then Jerry learned about a lifestyle center in a nearby state that promised to help him regain control of his health. Eagerly he enrolled in their seventeen-day live-in program. The kind doctors and helpful staff evaluated his condition and tailored a plan specifically for him.

On his first walk he shuffled about 250 feet downhill before he stopped to rest on a convenient bench for about 20 minutes while he regained his breath for the return trip.

Day by day he improved. As he regained strength, his doctors gradually lowered his medications. By the end of the session Jerry was walking more than a mile at a time and enjoying a new sense of freedom. One shot of insulin per day was sufficient. His blood pressure was down, and he was sleeping like a baby.

Continuing with the program
Jerry carefully followed the new lifestyle program at home. Now, two years later, his blood sugar is under control, he is totally off all medication, and he feels wonderful. He lectures and travels extensively and recently he received a job promotion.

You are invited
In the pages of this magazine you will discover God's wonderful plan for health. Come join this exciting adventure that leads to a truly radiant life.

* The name has been changed to protect privacy.

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