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Messengers of Light coverMessengers of Light magazineA study of the startling last-day messages of the three angels of Revelation 14.
The Law of Liberty cover The Law of Liberty The relevance of the Ten Commandments for today.
America Superpower America Superpower of Prophecy magazine In 32 pages the author traces the spiritual history of the Christian church from the time of Christ to our day and beyond.
Bible ReadingsBible Readings for the HomeHas 300 Scripture topics in question and answer form, paperback book, 638 pp.
Time for Joy

A Time for Joy magazine
remember-small (1K) (alternate cover)
or Spanish
All about the Bible Sabbath for today. Beautifully illustrated.
cover of Love Stronger Than Death A Love Stronger Than Death magazine
alternate cover of Love Stronger Than Death (alternate cover)
God's love for us is shown in the Bible truth about the meaning of death.
Radiant Living magazineRadiant Living - Simple Steps to Health and HappinessUp-to-date information and encouragement on physical and spiritual health. This magazine has lots of practical tips from health professionals.
cover of We Have This HopeWe Have This Hope - Love's Joyful ReunionThe "blessed hope" of Jesus' return, how it fits in God's plan to end evil, and Bible clarification for some misguided concepts.
Peace Above the StormPeace Above the StormHow does one come to Christ, and how can one find peace of mind and happiness in the Christian life?
Whispers of His LoveWhispers of His LoveThe plan of salvation as seen in the symbolism of the ancient sanctuary.
The Word Made SimpleThe Word Made Simple (out of print) online only35 Bible study outlines with texts and short comments. It has a section on difficult Bible texts.
The Will - Christ Our Pilot The Will: Our Choice, His Power (out of print) online onlySmall booklet of practical instruction on how to successfully live the Christian life.
Born Free - Liberty: How Long? Born Free! - Liberty: how long?A review of historical threats to Christian religious liberty since the time of Jesus, and to current times, and into the future.
Shiloh - The Blessed Hope (2.9K)
Shiloh - The Blessed Hope
Victory at Calvary -small (1.7K) (alternate cover)
The story of the crucifixion of Jesus, the Son of God.
Facing Life's Record
Facing Life's Record
A message of judgment ... and hope and mercy.
The Clock of Time cover
The Clock of Time
A brief look (16 pages) at a few significant Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled since the 19th century and at some of the events of modern times that indicate other Bible prophecies are being fulfilled.
The Power of His Passion (1K) The Power of His Passion The story of the life of Jesus Christ, from the Bible and with commentary. This 32-page magazine is a careful abridgment of the classic Desire of Ages.
The Great Controversy (1K) The Great Controversy This 448-page paperback is the 1884 edition of this Christian classic. With over 10 million copies in print, it speaks to our time with inspired authority. It develops a background from mideaval and Reformation times and discusses present and future Bible-revealed last-day events.

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