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Acollege near me in northern California has its own Indianapolis 500 speedway. Itís an eight mile stretch of road from the top of the mountain into the valley below. The students there face an almost uncontrollable urge to see how fast they can make it up and down that mountain in their Porsches and Corvettes.

One sunny day as I was driving down the mountain, I saw one of the students, who was burning up the road, run a little, old, white-haired lady into the ditch. I was angry! I felt that I was justifiably angry. And I didnít know what to do, because he was instantly far ahead of me and out of sight. But when I came down to the bottom of the mountain and saw him sitting by the side of the road in front of a black and white police car with blue lights on top, I said, ď0 how I love thy law!Ē

As I went on down the road I began to reflect upon the fact that laws are there to protect us, that they punish those who oppress the weak and are ordained of God to keep evil in check.

God in His great love has given us His law to protect us and to provide for our happiness and the well being of those around us. It takes nothing good away from us, but provides multiple blessings to those who obey. As we study deeper into Godís Word and ask Him for understanding, we will develop a greater appreciation for His law, which is a transcript of His character of love.

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